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"Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don't get so worked up about things." 

- Kenneth Branagh

Sports Performance

Get out of your head and into your zone. If you've played well before than you're capable. If you're in a slump...let's get you out. Since you have something to gain by performing better; call today! 


WOW - just - WOW

It is hard and life isn't always fair. I'm not going to suggest to "get over it". Let's work through it. The benefit of hypnosis here is simple: it is a fast way to move through the issue(s). Unlike other forms of therapy, you'll be able to move past it without reliving the hard moments. 


Whatever the experience that is holding you back. It is time to release it and live your best life now. Trauma can cause life long issues. Feel the freedom as you were released from serving time in prison when innocent. 


What you tend to be excited about - people tend to be excited about!!! Even if you're doing something wrong, doing it with an overwhelming excitement makes it all worth while. Have you lost your passion? Do you need to add to your drive? Tap that unbridled enthusiasm!!!


Careers are an odd thing. Often we're told that we aren't our work. For some of us, our life's work is just that. For others it is frustrating at best. Is the daily struggle real? Is it effecting your home life? It might be accepting, it maybe preparing for a promotion or maybe the courage to start a new venture. Come on bye and get what you deserve! 


Does the image drive you crazy? How does it effect your daily life? Let's get to over if simply going over a small bridge on the freeway. You'll get to keep your standards, however; the bad side won't matter anymore. 

Higher Self

Have you ever wondered about the other elements of life that some don't even realize? In the hypnosis community it is often referred to as the super-conscious mind. Eh - perhaps...let's think about how you benefit from accessing it verse what we're calling it. 


This is difficult to address on a website so I'm just going to do some bullet points. 

- Not Orgasaming? - Sexual Trauma?

- Erectile Dysfunction? - Sex Addiction? 

- Lost Physical Connection?  - Insecurity? 

Let's have a confidential conversation today.

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